Welcome to VirtIX.st


It is safe to assume that you have by know heard how the intelligence agencies tap into the global internet backbone to collect our data. With the VirtIX project we try to offer a choice for Internet Service Providers to encrypt at least some traffic between each other, making it harder for the NSA, GHCQ, and everybody else sitting in between to sniff and modify passing traffic.

Of course this is not as easy as it sounds and there are quite a few details involved. To the right is a (very) short summary for the impatient.


  • VirtIX is kind of a VPN for ISPs to encrypt the traffic between them
  • It is easier to encrypt a relatively small number of network connections than to fix every machine connected to the internet
  • Recombine existing technology in a novel way that goes hand in hand with the already existing procedures and tooling at ISPs
  • Research how well this approach scales
  • Document everything to allow other interested people to replicate the whole setup
  • Show unlawful traffic interception the middle finger

More details are available here

Featured image - Courtesy of the NSA.